When will Soul come to DVD and Blu-ray?

Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved
Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved /

Soul is out on Disney Plus but will it come to DVD and Blu-ray?

If there’s one thing we need to know, it’s whether Soul is coming to DVD and Blu-ray. The movie is out on Disney Plus as of Christmas Day 2020, releasing in theaters where Disney Plus isn’t available internationally.

Any other Disney movie and we would tell you that it would definitely come to DVD and Blu-ray eventually. All Disney movies eventually head to a physical disc because they are still purchased regularly. I make sure the movies my kids love the most are on DVD in case the internet connection goes or for the months where we don’t want to pay for Disney Plus (or any other streaming service).

However, Soul isn’t getting a traditional release. It’s not going to theaters in the U.S. or anywhere Disney Plus is available. And it’s not like Mulan where it’s going to be available at an extra cost temporarily.

Soul will likely come to DVD and Blu-ray

Despite it not getting a traditional release, there’s no need to think that the Disney Pixar movie won’t come to DVD and Blu-ray. After all, Disney will need to make its budget back. The best way to do that is through the DVD release.

Mulan got a DVD release, even though it initially went to Disney Plus Premier. Despite heading to Disney Plus weeks after a theatrical release, Onward came to DVD and Blu-ray.

We’re probably looking at about three months on Disney Plus exclusively. This gives Disney time to make some money back through subscribers here. So, we’re probably looking at the end of March 2021 for the DVD release.

With it likely coming to Blu-ray, it is also likely coming to Digital. However, this probably won’t be until the end of March 2021, too.

You’ll get to watch it on Disney Plus to see if it’s worth buying.

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Soul is now available to stream on Disney Plus.