The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Day Twelve

The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke), Erana James (Toni Shalifoe). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios
The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke), Erana James (Toni Shalifoe). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios /

The girls become sick on The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6

We jump back to Leah at the underground bunker on The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6. We also learn a little more about Gretchen and see the girls deal with a sickness on the beach.

The episode starts off positive. It’s Day 12 on the island and Rachel finds some mussels. This should be a good thing, right? The girls certainly feel like it is. All but Shelby enjoys them, which Shelby says is because of a shellfish allergy.

I’m inclined to believe her, but Leah is sure that Shelby is hiding something. Why does Shelby keep wandering off along on the beach? Why would she not eat the shellfish? Is it because she knows what is about to happen?

While eating the mussels, Toni makes it look sexual, which makes Shelby uncomfortable. Toni knows that it’s because Shelby doesn’t agree with Toni’s sexuality. It’s a sin. All the girls turn against Shelby for this, including Martha.

The girls end up sick

Thanks to the mussels, all the girls end up sick. Some are sicker than others, with Toni and Martha getting it the worst. They did eat more of the mussels than anyone else.

Dot gets the least of it, while Leah is also fairly well. Dot will look after the others while Leah heads into the woods for the bag that belonged to the pilot. They need the medicine that is in that bag to save the girls that can’t even keep water down.

While in the woods, Leah sees Shelby wanding through the woods. What is Shelby doing? Leah decides to follow her, putting the bag on a log. The bag falls off the log, and when Leah comes back to it, she finds the meds all over the ground.

Leah thinks she has them all, but finds out later that only one of the anti-sickness meds is there. Both Toni and Martha need it. Martha tells the group to give the medication to Toni, who needs it the most.

Shelby wants to give Toni the medication. Toni doesn’t want to take it from Shelby, but Shelby forces her. In the end, it looks like everyone is fine. That is until Martha collapses.

Leah now admits that she dropped the bag and she may have left some of the medication out in the woods. Dot is angry at Leah for hiding something like this. Now they need to look for it in the dark. This is a life or death situation.

That’s where we leave this story on The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6. Will Martha be alright?

Gretchen checks herself into the hospital

One thing that is difficult right now is figuring out where in the timeline the story is taking place. Gretchen checks herself in the hospital for a psychiatric check, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s after the girls come off the island or while they’re still there at first.

It doesn’t take long for The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6 to tell us. While the girls are suffering from the illness on the island, the team calls Gretchen. Has she checked herself in for stress because of everything that happened with Fatin in the previous episode?

She says she needs to leave, but that isn’t happening. She has checked herself in and signed a waiver that she will only leave when the doctor says so.

Gretchen tries to fight against them, but she’s given a sedative. She wakes up the next morning to be told that she’s going to see the doctor now.

That doctor turns out to be one of the detectives we’ve seen talking to the girls in the bunker. Oh yes, the detectives aren’t detectives after all. They’re all part of the process, and the interviews are still part of Dawn of Eve’s study.

In this episode, we get to see Gretchen encourage the doctor to come onboard for her project. She checked herself in just to meet him and offer him a job. We know that he takes it.

More of Leah’s story on The Wilds Season 1, Episode 6

Throughout the episode, we get more flashbacks of Leah’s life during her time off the island. She’s telling her story to the detective/doctor while in her room.

It picks up after her breakup with Jeff. She’s on a camping trip with her best friend. When he starts speaking badly about Jeff, Leah is angry. She later accuses him of sabotaging her relationship with Jeff.

This is an important part of the story. It shows that Leah has always jumped to conclusions. She struggles to trust and believe when people tell her something. Once she gets something in her head, it stays there. Is that what’s happening on the island with Shelby or is Shelby actually working for Dawn of Eve?

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