When will Ammonite come to DVD and Blu-ray?

When will you be able to get Ammonite on DVD and Blu-ray?

While there aren’t many theaters open, studios are opting for the VOD release. Ammonite is the latest to get the VOD treatment, but only to rent. When is Ammonite on DVD and Blu-ray?

There’s no set release date just yet. That’s not surprising since the movie is only just out. We’ll have to wait a while for a confirmed release date.

However, we can hazard a guess. Ammonite is from NEON in the U.S. and Canada and is distributed by Lionsgate in the UK and Transmission Films in Australia. This suggests that it will take two to three months for Ammonite on DVD based on other movies from NEON.

We’ll be looking out for a late-January or late-February release date, and we’ll certainly be sure to let you know when there is a confirmed date.

When will Ammonite be on Digital?

Right now, you can rent Ammonite on Digital. This has been the pandemic method of releasing movies. It’s a little like the theaters, but you get to spend money on just the movie instead of individual tickets for the whole family. You can also enjoy your home snacks, although we do miss cinema popcorn.

Ammonite will likely be released to buy on Digital around the same time as the DVD release. This has been the way other studios have handled the releases when movies are available to rent on VOD.

For now, you can rent via Amazon Video or your favorite Digital platform. It is also out in selection theater locations that are open.

Is it worth watching? That depends on who you talk to. Audiences have liked it more than critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the trailer for Ammonite:

Look out for late January for Ammonite on DVD and Blu-ray.