5 best Amazon movies to watch on Prime Video in October 2020

Sunita Mani as Pallavi and Sarita Choudhury as Usha in EVIL EYE. Image Courtesy Blumhouse Television and Amazon Studios
Sunita Mani as Pallavi and Sarita Choudhury as Usha in EVIL EYE. Image Courtesy Blumhouse Television and Amazon Studios /

Evil Eye is one of 5 good Amazon movies to watch on Prime Video next month

There is so much heading to Amazon Prime Video in October 2020. It makes it hard to narrow down the list of best things to watch. After all, you just don’t have the time to watch it all, right? When it comes to Amazon movies, we’re narrowing the list down for you.

Let me tell you now, this wasn’t easy. There are just so many excellent movies. However, not everyone wants to watch horror and not everyone needs a documentary movie. It’s important to offer a selection of all.

Here are five good Amazon movies to check out throughout October 2020.

Girl, Interrupted

There are two movies dropping on Oct. 1 that you’ll want to watch immediately. Girl, Interrupted is the first. Starring Angelia Jolie and Winona Ryder, this 1999 movie will make you reconsider mental illness. It’s a good look at impressionable ages, support needed for the mental health, and much more.

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The Pianist

The second movie dropping at the start of the month is The Pianist. This is a serious and heartbreaking movie, focused on a Polish musician who loses contact with his family during the Second World War. He has to hide in Warsaw’s ruins just to survive against the Nazis that come to take people like him away.

This is one of those Amazon movies that’s slow-paced, but it’s also a story that is beautifully told.

Evil Eye

What about horror movies? You need one in October, right? There are some excellent offerings throughout the month, but Evil Eye is the top one to pick. This Blumhouse movie offers a look at a woman who is looking for love. She thinks she’s found it, but there may be a connection between the man and her mother’s past.

Evil Eye is available to stream from Oct. 6.


We now turn to the documentaries. There are two Amazon movies you need to watch this month. The first is Time, focused on Fox Rich’s battle to get her husband out of prison. Yes, he did commit a crime. They both did. However, Fox’s husband’s sentence was for 60 years for a bank robbery. It was a long, undeserved sentence that shows the racism within the judicial system.

Watch Time on Oct. 16.

What the Constitution Means to Me

Finally, you’ll want to turn to a political documentary. This one focuses on 15-year-old Heidi Schreck, who made enough money to go to college by winning debates on the Constitution. Now she’s looking at four generations of women who have had their lives shaped by the Constitution, and why it remains important in today’s world.

Check out the movie on Oct. 16.

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Which Amazon movies are you watching in October 2020? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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