Did Homelander really kill a load of people on The Boys?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios /

Did Homelander really massacre protestors on The Boys Season 2, Episode 5?

Homelander is cracking on The Boys Season 2. He’s struggling with Stormfront coming in and being the new face of The Seven. However, has he really cracked enough to kill a group of protestors without provocation?

The promo for today’s episode certainly made it look like he had. As the crowd booed him for war crimes, he snapped. Shutting out the noise, he used his laser powers to destroy everyone. The chants were replaced with screams, angry faces replaced with looks of shock and fear.

So, did Homelander really do it? This would be a huge deviation from the graphic novels, but is it a decision Eric Kripke and co. were willing to run with?

It was all a fake-out on The Boys Season 2, Episode 5

Sadly, Homelander did not completely snap. The world has not seen what he truly is.

At least, not just yet! There’s still time for that.

The shot of him taking out the crowd of people was a fake-out, a look at what he really wanted to do. We got this deathly silence over the mass of body parts left behind and then the sudden interruption of the chanting and booing again.

People have turned against Homelander for the death of an innocent person, and he didn’t even apologize for it. He didn’t even care.

Homelander did get to laser someone

In the end, Homelander got away with lasering someone on The Seven. After the protests, he needed to turn to Stormfront for help and managed to get his popularity up.

The two hooked up at the end, but it’s clear there was also a sense of them showing each other that they’re both invulnerable and strong. Homelander lasered Stormfront’s chest, only to watch her scream with pleasure at the pain. It’s clear now that she is invisible, so it’s no wonder she and Liberty are the same person.

But this is dangerous for The Boys and the rest of The Seven. The two most powerful members of the team are hooking up and will want to stay on top. Oh, and they possibly have many of the same views about people. Not good.

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What did you think of the decision to do the fake-out? Did you want to see the show deviate so much from the graphic novels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.