Will Mulan come to Amazon Prime Video for free in the future?

Disney's MULAN. Mulan (Yifei Liu). Photo: Film Frame© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Disney's MULAN. Mulan (Yifei Liu). Photo: Film Frame© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Could Mulan ever come to Amazon Prime Video for free?

Right now, you can watch Mulan on Disney Plus with Premier access. It’s supposedly coming to theaters where they’re open later, although that’s still to be confirmed. Of course, as an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you want to know if it will ever be available to stream on the site.

As of writing this, there are definitely no plans to make Mulan available to stream on Amazon Prime Video for free. The live-action reboot isn’t coming to Disney Plus for free until Dec. 4. It will remain on there for some time.

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But the rule is to never say never. Just because the movie is going to be available on Disney Plus before 2020 ends, doesn’t mean that it will always remain on that streaming service.

There’s a chance Disney movies could be on Prime in the future

Disney knows that licensing movies to other streaming services can be financially beneficial. There will always be the consideration to allow other streaming services to stream the movie for a limited amount of time.

This could be for a month or two or it could be for six to 12 months. It’s unusual for Originals on a streaming service to be available, but Disney movies are a little different. This live-action movie wasn’t specifically made for the streaming service, and it was originally planned for a big theatrical release.

We’ve seen Harry Potter move between streaming services despite WarnerMedia now having its own streaming service. CBS Television has its shows on other streaming platforms instead of its own CBS All Access. The companies go where the money is.

So, never say never, but Mulan is not going to be on Amazon Prime Video for quite some time.

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Mulan is now available to stream on Disney Plus Premier and will be on Disney Plus for all on Dec. 4.