Amazon Video: What’s heading to Digital this week? [Sept. 7-13]

What can you watch on Amazon Video from Sept. 7 to 13?

If you’re looking for new content, you’re likely looking at Digital releases. What is heading to Amazon Video between Sept. 7 and 13?

There’s only one release on Digital this week. At least, that’s all that is planned right now. Some releases are added at the last minute. For example, Blood and Treasure Season 1 was added to the DVD listings last week after we shared all the releases for the week.

It happens. Plans change. So, it is worth keeping an eye on Amazon Video for the latest releases.

The minimal releases aren’t all that surprising. With movies not being out in theaters for the last few months, there’s nothing to release on Digital. The DVD and Blu-ray releases are mostly TV shows, which are already available on Digital.

Made in Italy

The only release that is happening this week is Made in Italy starring Liam Neeson and Micheal Richardson.

The movie follows a father and son who live in London. They have never really gotten over the death of the wife/mother in a car accident, which happened 20 years earlier.

When the father’s mother dies, she leaves him a Tuscan villa and the two head to Italy to restore it. Of course, there are plenty of clashes along the way, but it turns into a trip full of memories, connections, and bonding.

Made In Italy isn’t loved by the critics, giving it a 52% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, so it will be interesting to see where the reviews fall there.

You can buy on Amazon Video from Sept. 7.

Check out the trailer for Made in Italy:

What are you watching on Amazon Video this week? What are you looking forward to coming up on Digital? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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