Will The New Mutants stream for free on Amazon Prime Video?

Will Amazon Prime Video stream The New Mutants for free in the future?

When we’re on the fence about new movies, it’s natural to wait for them to come to streaming services for free. Plus, right now, not everyone wants to head to theaters. So, you want to know where The New Mutants will stream for free.

Will it be immediately available on Amazon Prime Video? That’s highly unlikely considering it is a 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox) movie.

So, where will the movie head to stream? That’s a bit of a debated subject.

The New Mutants will likely head to HBO and HBO Max

Right now, 20th Century Studios movies head to HBO and HBO Max. We’re seeing that this month with the likes of Spies in Disguise.

20th Century Fox had a licensing deal with HBO that all movies would head to that streaming platform some time after the theatrical release. Most movies have been about eight to 12 months after the release.

With that in mind, we can probably expect The New Mutants to head to streaming around June 2021.

If it does head to HBO, you’ll be able to watch with Amazon Channels.

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Could The New Mutants head to Disney Plus?

Now that Disney owns 20th Century Studios, there is a chance that streaming licensing has changed. It’s always hard to keep up with the decisions of the networks.

It’s possible that instead of heading to HBO and HBO Max, The New Mutants could head to Disney Plus. This would make sense if other X-Men franchised content was heading there. Things may slowly start to join Disney Plus.

Another option is that the movie heads to Hulu. This could be the case if Disney deems it not appropriate for children. However, remember that the X-Men movies are making their way over to Disney Plus, so it’s likely this one focused on teenage test subjects will do.

Either way, it’s not Amazon Prime Video. Eventually, sometime in the future, The New Mutants may be available, but we’re going to be waiting for quite some time.

Check out the trailer for The New Mutants below:

The New Mutants is available in theaters right now.