5 shows like Absentia you need to watch next

Absentia Season 3 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Absentia Season 3 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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Marcella Season 1 — Courtesy of ITV/Netflix
Marcella Season 1 — Courtesy of ITV/Netflix /

5 TV shows like Absentia that will become your next obsession

You’ve probably binge-watched all three seasons of Absentia a million times now. Of course, it’s still just as amazing (if not better) than the first time, but there’s a world of content out there. You’re ready to find shows like Absentia while we wait for a fourth season—we’re counting on that renewal.

So, what are your options? What TV shows will help to fill this void we have right now?

We have five top shows like Absentia. Not all of them are on Amazon Prime Video. Some are only just starting up and others only have one season to binge-watch. That doesn’t stop them from being amazing shows.

Here are five shows like Absentia that will become your next obsession.


Marcella is one of the best TV crime dramas on the planet. Like Absentia, it focuses on a woman in law enforcement who has flaws and her own demons. In this series, our lead character, Marcella (pronounced Mar-chell-a), has a rare disorder that makes her forget things. She has periods of blackouts, and she can’t recall anything that she’s done in those periods.

Unfortunately for her, that often puts her in the line of suspicion when it comes to criminal cases. It, and her work, have also had a knock-on effect in her home life.

Throughout three seasons, we see Marcella return to work to help catch a killer. Not everyone trusts her, and sometimes, she can’t even trust herself. It adds a thrilling layer to a wonderfully-written series.

Three seasons of Marcella are on Netflix. We’re still waiting to hear if there will be a fourth season.