The Boys Season 2 official trailer: What will The Boys do next?

The Boys season 2 Wanted Poster teaser art. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video
The Boys season 2 Wanted Poster teaser art. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

Take a look at The Boys Season 2 official trailer

Hands up if you’re ready for The Boys Season 2. If you weren’t already, you will be after you watch the official trailer.

Marking a month to go until the release of the first three episodes, Amazon has brought us the official trailer. It’s two minutes of blood, guts, Supes, and swearing. Everything you’d expect from this show.

One thing it does give us a hint of is The Boys’ plan now that supervillains are a thing. Oh, and we also get a tiny hint of Stormfront’s plans.

The Boys Season 2 trailer does not disappoint

I’ll let you take a look at The Boys Season 2 trailer first. After that, we’ll get into the breakdown.

Previously, we’ve gained little hints of the violence to come. The trailer gives us more of a storyline focus, picking up off the back of the first season finale. We were left with Butcher somewhere unknown finding out that his wife is still alive.

Vought his holding his wife somewhere. Butcher will do whatever it takes to get her back, although there’s no mention of her son she’s had with Homelander. Of course, Homelander probably isn’t going to let his son just be taken by Butcher. It’s not that Homelander cares, but he will want to use his son to his advantage.

Then there’s the fact that The Boys are among the most wanted men in the country. The Female still remains unknown, but that probably won’t be for long. After all, there’s a quick clip of The Female against Stormfront.

Speaking of Stormfront, she clearly has a bigger plan than just being a member of The Seven. She wants to build an army of Supes to take down the supervillains. The question is whether she really wants to take down the villains or team up with them to take over the world. Or maybe it’s just that she sees the villains as a threat to her plans for world domination. It looks like she and Homelander may get along well at some point.

And then there’s Stargirl, who looks like she’s fitting in with The Seven, going along with Vought’s decisions. However, there are moments where she’s working with The Boys. She’s not done being a goodness in a world full of narcissistic Supes. Which side will Queen Maeve fall on?

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The Boys Season 2 is coming to Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 4.