Will The Old Guard ever stream for free on Amazon Prime Video?

You’ll not catch The Old Guard on Amazon Prime Video

There are so many movies and TV shows that come to Amazon Prime Video. One of the newest releases is The Old Guard, and it’s common to look at whether you’ll be able to stream for free with your Prime membership in the future.

We’ve got some bad news when it comes to this series. It’s not likely to ever make its way to Amazon.

I don’t usually say “never,” but I’m pretty confident that Netflix and Amazon aren’t going to team together in the future. They don’t seem to have any need to. Unless something goes drastically wrong with either company, Netflix Originals are going to remain exclusive to Netflix. And that’s what The Old Guard is.

If you want to stream the movie based on the comics, then you’re going to need a Netflix subscription. It really is as simple as that.

Don’t rule out The Old Guard on DVD

One thing that I will remind you is that we could see The Old Guard on DVD. It’s not common for Netflix’s original movies to get the DVD treatment, but it does happen. Recently, Marriage Story went to DVD and Blu-ray.

It all depends on the production studio. As SkyDance was the production studio for The Old Guard, there is a chance that a DVD release was part of the expectations. There are just no guarantees of that just yet.

Even if it gets the DVD treatment, there’s no guarantee that it will come to Digital. Netflix is going to want to keep the movie as exclusive as possible.

If you do want to see how the original story goes and want to continue the tale, you can always get the comics. They are available through Amazon.

What did you think of The Old Guard? Would you prefer it on Amazon Prime Video? Let us know!

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