5 good movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video this weekend: June 27-28

My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

5 great Amazon movies to check out from June 27 to 28

Sometimes, you only have time to watch movies. That’s not a problem when it comes to Amazon Prime Video. There are plenty of Amazon movies to get your teeth stuck into.

But the full list of options can be overwhelming. That’s why we bring you a list of top picks. This weekend, there are two new movies on the streamer to watch. The other five are made up of great movies you may have missed earlier in June.

Let’s get into it. Here are five good Amazon movies to watch from June 27-28.

My Spy

One of the movies that dropped this weekend was My Spy, and it’s certainly worth checking out right now. It’s a fun action-comedy that offers the perfect way to relax.

Dave Bautista is a CIA operative whose cover is blown by a nine-year-old. All she wants in return to keeping his cover is to learn how to be a spy. How can he say no?

Guns Akimbo

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Another action comedy to check out this weekend is Guns Akimbo starring Daniel Radcliffe. It’s an over-the-top adventure that sees him playing a video game developer who ends up being the next contestant in a reality show. However, he hasn’t chosen to be this contestant.

That reality show? Oh, it’s only a fight to the death. And the underdog is given a series of disabilities to make it even harder to win. Can he make it through?


Sometimes, you want a thrilling movie. That’s what the next of these Amazon movies offers. 7500 stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a soft-spoken co-pilot who becomes the only person who can save a flight of passengers.

It’s a gripping thriller with the story taking place only in the cockpit. We only get to know what our co-pilot knows, which is a powerful element to the story.

Dirty Dancing

Need something of the past and want a great rom-com? It’s all about Dirty Dancing. The movie dropped earlier this month on the streaming service. While you likely didn’t miss it the first weekend, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it again!

I don’t think this movie needs any introduction at all. So grab a glass of wine, get your girlfriends in on a Zoom call, and watch it together.

Shrek Forever After

This is one for those with kids. The fourth Shrek movie isn’t the strongest, but it’s still entertaining. And the kids will love it regardless—most kids just want to see their favorite characters back in a new story.

In the fourth movie, Shrek is fed up of the life he currently has. He’s annoyed at the monotonous, day-to-day living and longs to be the scary ogre. What could possibly go wrong when he makes a wish with Rumpelstiltskin to be a fearsome ogre for a day?

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Which Amazon movies are you watching right now? Which ones will you check out this weekend? Share in the comments below.

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