What time will Child’s Play be available on Amazon Prime Video?

Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in Child's Play - Photo Courtesy of Orion Pictures
Chucky and Gabriel Bateman in Child's Play - Photo Courtesy of Orion Pictures /

When you can start streaming Child’s Play on Amazon Prime Video

There were many horror movie reboots in 2019. Child’s Play was one of them, and the movie is going to stream on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 12. Now the question is what time you can start streaming it.

Many Amazon releases happen earlier than stated. This is the case with Amazon originals, especially global ones. The releases happen at midnight GMT, which means earlier in North America due to time zones.

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That’s not likely the case for Child’s Play. This is only a U.S. release, and it’s not an Amazon original movie. Instead, it’s licensed by a third party and there will be stricter rules over the release. We’re probably looking at the release being at Midnight local time on Friday, June 12.

Should you watch the Child’s Play reboot?

There were certainly many questions about whether the Child’s Play reboot was necessary. Is there a need to bring back the classic that saw a serial killer use magic to put his soul into a doll?

Well, it turned out that the reboot was not a direct copy of the original. Instead of a serial killer possessing a doll, the movie focuses on the dangers of technology; the ability to hack a computer system to make technology do bad things.

Critics and audiences weren’t too impressed with the Child’s Play reboot according to Rotten Tomatoes. However, this is a movie you need to watch for yourself. And you’ll soon be able to do that without spending an extra penny.

Check out the trailer for the movie below to make your own decision:

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Child’s Play will be available on June 12 with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.