When will The High Note be available on DVD and Blu-ray?

The High Note -- Credit: Glen Wilson / Focus Features
The High Note -- Credit: Glen Wilson / Focus Features /

Predicting a DVD and Blu-ray release date for The High Note

The High Note is one of the latest movies to go straight to Digital. It’s only available to rent right now, which has led to many looking for the DVD and Blu-ray release date. When can you own a copy of the music industry-focused movie?

It’s difficult to give a good prediction at the moment. If this was a regular time of year, we’d say the movie would take about three months to head to DVD and Blu-ray. That’s the usual time for a Focus Features movie to head to DVD. We can look at Downton Abbey for that.

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However, this isn’t a normal year. The global pandemic has lead to theaters to close so movie studios have had to change their releases. Emma was initially released in theaters but quickly headed to Digital for rent. It still took three months to then head to DVD and Blu-ray. There is a good chance that The High Note will follow this.

With that in mind, we’re looking at September 2020 for the release. Sept. 1 is a rough date.

When will The High Note be on Digital to purchase?

Now the question is when you can buy on Digital. Whether you get through Amazon Video, iTunes, or another digital provider, you can only rent the movie at this time. The movie will eventually be available to purchase. However, it’s like this won’t happen until the DVD and Blu-ray release date.

Focus Features needs to make as much money back as possible through the Digital rentals. And renting is similar to going to the theaters. It works out cheaper for people at home, though.

The High Note has received some mixed reviews. Tracee Ellis Ross has received strong praise for her role, but the overall story isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. Those who love the black-ish star will want to watch the movie purely for her.

Check out the trailer for The High Note:

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The High Note will likely be on DVD and Blu-ray sometime in September 2020.