10 YA books that Amazon needs to consider adapting

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Many networks and streamers are having a lot of look with adaptations of YA books. Here are 10 YA books that Amazon needs to consider next.

There’s no doubt that YA book adaptations are popular. Many networks and streamers have opted for them, and there have been a lot of successes. This is especially the case when the books are turned into TV shows rather than films. It that in mind, Amazon needs to look at specific YA books to adapt in the future.

Some of the books on this list have already been adapted at least once. Usually, they’ve been adapted into a movie that just hasn’t worked or there wasn’t the audience for at the time. In other cases, the adaptations were successful at the time but it’s been years. And as Little Women proved, you can do a successful adaptation of a classic even though people didn’t initially think it was necessary.

There are all sorts of reasons to adapt YA books. The stories have already captured the hearts of the readers, and those readers want to see the worlds on the screen. In other cases, there’s the chance to tell a slightly different story. Just look at the success of Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, despite the stories making some huge diversions from the source material.

Books can sometimes need an update based on when they were written. Or the graphics may finally be at a point where the story can be told effectively.

Here are the 10 YA books that Amazon will want to consider in the future.

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