5 TV shows to watch if you love Bosch

Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video.
Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video. /
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Homecoming season 2
Homecoming: Season 2. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

4. Homecoming

We’re turning our attention to the Amazon Originals that you need to check out. The first is based on a podcast and quickly gained a following thanks to Julia Roberts being in the lead. However, it held the following for many other reasons. Roberts isn’t going to be in Homecoming Season 2, but that doesn’t stop us from being extremely excited about it.

Right now, there is only one season. You’re only waiting until May 2020 for the second season. And we will hopefully hear great news about the future of the show.

In a way, the show isn’t at all like the TV crime drama that you’ve come to know and love. However, Homecoming does have some connections through the use of detectives, the military, and a deep storyline that leaves you drawn from one episode to the next. You’ll find yourself trying to piece together all the clues that you’re left with from start to finish.

The first season focuses on Roberts’s Heidi Bergman, who is a social worker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center. it’s a live-in facility designed to help soldiers transition into civilian life, but there’s clearly more to it. Four years later, when Heidi is questioned about why she left Homecoming, she unravels the truths behind the mystery.

The second season will deviate from the podcast. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean a sophomore slump. However, there’s still an element of the original story involved. For those who love the Bourne stories, Homecoming is a must.

You can watch Homecoming with your Amazon Prime membership for free.