Why Amazon should adapt The Huntress into a movie or TV series

SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 16: An Amazon logo is seen inside the Amazon corporate headquarters on June 16, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Amazon announced that it will buy Whole Foods Market, Inc. for over $13 billion. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 16: An Amazon logo is seen inside the Amazon corporate headquarters on June 16, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Amazon announced that it will buy Whole Foods Market, Inc. for over $13 billion. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images) /

While YA books are commonly adatped, The Huntress by Kate Quinn is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s why Amazon should adapt it into a movie or show.

There are many book-to-screen adaptations happening right now. YA is the most common genre being adapted, but there are a lot of books for adults that need their stories told on screen. The Huntress by Kate Quinn is one of those books.

Told from the viewpoint of three characters, The Huntress takes us on a journey through time, both during and after World War II. Eventually, all the characters catch up to each other in the same timeline, but there’s a lot of benefit from reading the different stories and the leadup to the big reveals.

In fact, the reveal of who The Huntress is certainly isn’t the main story. It’s about the discovery of these characters—as well as their self-discovery. Here’s why Amazon should consider turning the novel into a movie or a limited series.

It tells a story of Russia during World War II

When you think of the stories told of World War II, you’ll think of the American front or the allies up against the Germans. There are stories of the concentration camps and the devestation caused around Eastern Europe. What you don’t hear too much about is of the Russians, especially the “Night Witches.”

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Kate Quinn certainly did her research. In fact, the back of The Huntress offers extra reading, including both fiction and non-fiction to learn more about the women who flew bomber planes for Russia during World War II. It’s a story that needs to be shown on screen to see the good that women could do.

While the women took care of the homefront in most of Europe, the women were doing bombing runs in Russia. They were leading the way, although the men would still never give them the credit they were due.

We get a lot of character development

The story focuses on three main characters, Nina, Ian, and Jordyn. Chapters are told specifically from their point of view, but there are other characters to focus on. We have Jordyn’s dad, Ruth and the Huntress, Nina’s father, and Yelena just to get started.

Each of the stories offers development. It’s about them discovering who they are and what they want to do. They need to figure out the truth behind events but also figure out the truth of how far they’re willing to do.

Some of it involves accepting they are who people view them as. Or they have to become something they fear. In fact, they also need to get over their fears, managing them instead of constantly avoiding them.

The Huntress isn’t afraid to offer multiple layers to characters. We’re not always going to agree with their actions, but that’s something that makes the story so fulfilling. It’s something that will work well for a TV series or movie.

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There are strong female characters

In the current climate, we need strong female characters. They don’t just have to be likable, but they need to feel real. And that’s exactly what you get with the women in The Huntress. Even the Huntress herself is one that you want to learn more about. You see the inner strength in her as she tries to survive and fight back.

There is someone for everyone. And while there are elements of a love story thrown in, those stories don’t overtake the bigger plot. In fact, for some characters, the love story is about figuring out why they work together so well or of sacrifices being made.

With the stories told from two of the women’s viewpoints, it would be interesting to see how the story would develop from a third-person viewpoint.

It’s a dramatic, fast-paced story

This is a novel that takes some time to get into. I’m certainly not complaining about that. With the jump between the character, it takes time to figure out how all these journeys can possibly come together. At times you wonder why you’ve gone to particular moments in time, but they all lead to the character development.

By the mid-point, it turns into a dramatic and fast-paced story. Once all the characters are together in the same place, The Huntress is a book you just can’t put down. It’s a novel that makes you need to read to the end, finding out what happens to the antagonist; an antagonist that you never really get to know.

Something Amazon could do when developing the story is to give the Huntress’s story more weight. While we don’t need to see what she does, there are opportunities to offer flashbacks—and offer a change to those flashbacks as we slowly learn the truth.

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Which books would you like to see Amazon adapt? What do you think of The Huntress? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Huntress is available to buy with two-day free shipping or read on Kindle Unlimited with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.