What time is Pet Sematary streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

Pet Sematary is one of the big movie releases heading to Amazon Prime Video this week. What time can you start streaming the horror movie?

It’s time to get ready for a big movie release on Amazon Prime Video this week. The horror Pet Sematary is heading to the service, but what time can you start streaming it?

Unlike Amazon Originals, Pet Sematary isn’t making a global appearance. It’s in the U.S. only, which likely means there won’t be an early release. Most U.S.-only releases tend to come out at midnight local time. However, it could be midnight ET and be released a little earlier on the pacific coast.

I’d get ready to stream at midnight on Mar. 19 in your local area. As it’s a movie, you’re not going to need to watch multiple hours before you go to bed to get a sense of the story.

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, the Creed family lose the family cat in an accident. When Dr. Louis Creed learns of a pet cemetery, he buries the cat there to bring it back to life. After an accident involving one of his children, he thinks he may have found a way to prevent the grief. However, what’s dead should probably stay dead!

It’s a dark and twisted tale, but one that many of those who have lost people will likely relate to. It’s especially one that parents who have lost children or fear of losing their children will relate to. While there is a slight change to the book storyline, it’s done to help further the conversations of death, something that without the change couldn’t happen.

Check out the trailer for Pet Sematary:

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Pet Sematary will be on Amazon Prime Video on Mar. 19.