5 big questions for Hunters Season 2

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2. How will The Butcher get caught?

The Hunters are heading to Europe. It’s the only place they can turn after everything that’s happened in the States. Meanwhile, The Butcher headed that way.

While Millie knows that The Butcher is a Nazi, she had no idea who he was. Nobody even seemed bothered about his storyline. We just kept seeing how he helped make sure The Colonel’s plan went off without a hitch—while proving just how important he was to the plan.

With The Colonel “dead” and someone out to get him, The Butcher decided to get out of dodge. But he can’t just be allowed to roam free, right? I’m assuming he somehow ends up in the crosshairs of the Hunters on Tour.

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1. How will Joe get out of his Argentine mess?

Finally, we have to turn our attention to Argentina. There are a lot of questions about this storyline. How did The Colonel survive? What’s the story on Hitler and Eva killing themselves in the bunker? What exactly happened at the end of World War II?

However, the biggest question surrounds Joe. How is he going to get out of that mess in Hunters Season 2? After all, everyone just thinks he left on his own accord. The Nazis thought things through by cleaning out his apartment, and it just so happened at the time when Joe learned who Offerman really was.

Nobody is going to look for Joe. The only thing that could possibly help him is if the Hunters decide to head to Argentina instead of Europe. Or maybe somehow Millie heads south with her team. Otherwise, Joe is going to have to get a message out somehow, maybe to Mindy?

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