When will Fantasy Island be on Amazon Video, DVD, and Blu-ray?

Ready to have another horror movie to watch over and over again? Fantasy Island is out in theaters right now, but when will it be on DVD and Blu-ray?

Blumhouse is back with another horror movie to keep you entertained. While Fantasy Island is out in theaters now, you likely want to watch it from the comfort of your own home. When will Fantasy Island be on Amazon Video, DVD, and Blu-ray?

The Lucy Hale-led horror doesn’t seem to be expected to do all that well, sadly. There have been no critic reviews in the lead up to the release, which does suggest that it might flop. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to add it to your collection, especially as a Blumhouse Productions fan.

Fantasy Island is being distributed by Sony Pictures, which suggests that it will follow similar patterns to other movies from the studio. While Once Upon a Time in Hollywood waiting four-and-a-half months to come to DVD and Blu-ray, we won’t likely need to wait that long for this horror. We’ll likely see it follow Escape Room‘s timeframe, which was about three-and-a-half months. It could be closer to the three months, following Last Christmas‘s timeframe.

If the latter is the case, then we’re looking at the middle of May for a release. If we’re following Escape Room‘s timeline, then we’re looking at the end of May. I honestly think we’ll be closer to the middle of May release date.

Fantasy Island is just as it sounds: an island that offers the deepest, darkest fantasies. However, it turns out that the fantasies may not be all that fantasy-like. What if they were all real?

Check out the trailer for the movie below:

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What do you think of Fantasy Island? Which timeline do you think it will follow? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fantasy Island is out in theaters now.

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