5 movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video on Valentine’s Day 2020

Midsommar -- Photo courtesy of A24
Midsommar -- Photo courtesy of A24 /

Looking for something to watch with your significant other on Valentine’s Day 2020? Here are five great movies on Amazon Prime Video.

On of the great things about Amazon Prime Video is that there’s always something to watch. Sometimes you just have to dig. But instead of letting the overwhelm get to you for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve picked out five movies you and your significant other can check out.

All these movies are currently available with your Prime membership. There’s no need to rent or buy and you certainly don’t need another subscription. Here are five movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video on Valentine’s Day 2020.

5. The Wedding Year

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A couple is invited to seven weddings all in the space of a year. However, this 27-year-old woman in the couple is a commitment-phobe. Their whole relationship is put to the test with each wedding. As they see the highs and lows of relationships, they need to decide if marriage is going to be right for them.

There isn’t too much in the way of character development in The Wedding Year. However, it’s a light comedy that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day 2020.

4. The Reality of Love

Bradley Cooper, Jason Priestley, and Emma Caulfield Ford star in The Reality of Love. Ryan Banks is a movie star with a troubled career. When his manager and best friend, Todd, suggests he creates a reality dating show where he picks one woman to wed, it sounds like a great revival. And yes, you’ve probably heard about the idea somewhere on ABC.

However, trouble strikes when the fan-favorite Charlie starts falling for Todd instead of Ryan. Now Todd has to decide whether his friendship is worth destroying over a woman.

3. Forever My Girl

If you love something that involves a couple that broke up, you’ll want to check out Forever My Girl. There’s a little sense of Sweet Home Alabama in this, which is why it’s so popular with many. A country music star returns to the home town that he left behind eight years ago, which puts him back in the sights of his former girlfriend.

Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe have excellent chemistry in this movie. The only downside is that it’s not longer!

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2. Midsommar

Wait, a horror movie on Valentine’s Day? Sometimes you want something that’s a little anti-Valentine’s Day, right? Or you may just be interested in horror movies. Midsommar is definitely the movie for you.

Florence Pugh shows off her star power as Dani, one half of an American couple that heads to Sweden for the summer. It’s to find a connection back to each other but also to take in the pagan festivities in the area. What they don’t realize is that they end up in the middle of a cult celebration that is all about sacrifices.

1. Timeless Love

Rachel Skarsten and Brant Daugherty star as Megan and Thomas. They seem to have the perfect marriage and family, with two kids that love them. However, when she wakes from a coma, she learns that the world she created was a fantasy in her brain. Now she needs to meet the real Thomas and see if there is a future for them.

While I’m not usually one for movies that make it look like a woman needs to have a man in her life, I do like Timeless Love‘s take on it. She’s not just looking for love, but for the family she once believed she had.

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What are you watching on Valentine’s Day with your partner? Share your favorite picks on Amazon Prime Video in the comments below.

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