Will Bad Boys for Life stream on Amazon Prime Video?


You’ve seen Bad Boys for Life and now you want to relive it. Or you’re waiting to watch it at home. Will you be able to watch on Amazon Prime Video?

The sequel we’ve all been waiting for is here. Bad Boys for Life is in theaters, and it is not disappointing. You may have already watched it and want to relive the experience at home. Or you may just wait for the movie to head to streaming to watch. All you need to know is whether you’ll be able to watch Bad Boys for Life on Amazon Prime Video.

We need to look at the producing and distributing studios for this estimation, and there’s some bad news. Columbia Pictures produced and Sony Pictures is distributing. Movies from both of these companies head to STARZ.

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While you’re disappointed, there is some good news. You’ll be able to get STARZ with Amazon Prime through the Amazon Channels add-on. Okay, so it is still extra money than if it was on Prime, but it’s still like watching through your Prime service.

So, when will you need to get STARZ to watch? Don’t count on it heading to streaming for at least another six months. In most cases, movies take about eight to 10 months to make it to streaming, and can take up to a year!

Bad Boys for Life will be in theaters for another few months and then head to DVD and Blu-ray first. You will be able to buy the sequel on Amazon Video sometime in spring 2020.

This is going to be a sequel worth getting. It’s performing well with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t common with these types of movies that are really made for the fans.

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Bad Boys for Life is currently in theaters.