When will Like a Boss be released on DVD and Blu-ray?

Like a Boss is a hilarious new comedy starring Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne. When will it be released on DVD and Blu-ray?

Rose Bryne and Tiffany Haddish lead the cast of this new comedy film following two entrepreneurs and best friends named Mel and Mia. Even though their ideas on the best way to run a business are different, they still do their best to keep their beauty line afloat. Unfortunately, Mia and Mel fall into debt and are forced to turn to a benefactor who intends to steal their product from them.

Thus far, the film is performing poorly with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences are likely to be more forgiving, but the audience score has not yet been updated. If you enjoy female comedies, odds are you’ll at least find this one enjoyable, even if it’s not the best one out there.

For those of you that are intending to buy the movie on digital, DVD, or Blu-ray, you’re probably wondering how long you’ll have to wait to purchase it. Movies produced by Paramount Pictures generally have a quick turnaround time.

Previous films like Gemini Man, Playing With Fire, and Terminator: Dark Fate only took about two to three months to release on DVD and Blu-ray. If Like a Boss follows a similar trajectory then we can anticipate it becoming available by late March or early April at the latest.

Digitally, it should become available exactly two dates before the physical release date as is customary with Paramount Pictures movies.

Watch the hilarious trailer for the film below:

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What did you think about Like a Boss in theaters? What other movies are you waiting to release on DVD and Blu-ray? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Like a Boss is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

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