Will The Grudge come to Amazon Prime Video?

Photo: The Grudge.. Credit: Allen Fraser
Photo: The Grudge.. Credit: Allen Fraser /

If you don’t want to see The Grudge in theaters but want to wait until it comes to streaming, you need to know where that will be. Will it be on Amazon?

Not everyone wants to see movies in the theaters, especially horror movies. You want to wait until the movies come to streaming. That’s the case when you’re wary of the quality. If you’re waiting for The Grudge to come to streaming, you’ll also want to know where that will be. Will The Grudge come to Amazon Prime Video?

There are high chances that you won’t get to stream the horror reboot with your Prime membership. As a Sony Pictures distributed movie, it’s more likely to head to STARZ.

There is some great news for Amazon Prime members, though. STARZ is one of the Amazon Channels, so you can get access through that and still technically watch through Amazon Prime. Plus, you’ll get access to all the great content already on STARZ, including originals like PowerOutlander, and Dublin Murders.

For those who want to wait for The Grudge to head to STARZ before they get a subscription, you’ll need to wait for about six to eight months. The earliest you’ll want to get your subscription is in June 2020, but you’ll need to keep checking the releases to see if the horror movie is there.

Rotten Tomatoes still doesn’t have enough reviews to gain a consensus on the film at the time of writing this, but things aren’t looking great. Most reviews have come in negative, with many wondering if the reboot was even worth it. But you’ll want to check it out yourself to get your own idea, and that’s why streaming services are so great.

Check out the trailer for the horror reboot below:

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What are you waiting to come to streaming? What do you think of The Grudge from the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Grudge is out in theaters now.