Will The Good Liar stream on Amazon Prime Video?

The Good Liar stars Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen in a romance thriller. Will you be able to watch it on Amazon Prime Video in the future?

Fans of Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen will want to check out the latest movie, The Good Liar. If you’ve seen it in the theaters, you’ll likely want to watch it at home. Or you’re just waiting for it to come to streaming to check it out. Will The Good Liar stream on Amazon Prime Video?

The romantic thriller is a Warner Bros. Pictures movie, and that means it won’t be coming to Amazon Prime Video any time soon. HBO gets the exclusive rights to stream Warner Bros. Pictures movies at first, although that doesn’t mean it won’t come to Prime Video at some point in the future.

There is some good news for Amazon Prime members. It’s possible to get HBO through Amazon Channels. From there, you’ll be able to stream the movie when it’s released while also watching all the other movies and HBO originals on the service.

So, when will The Good Liar be on HBO? Most movies take six to eight months to make it to the streaming service, so we’re looking at May 2020 at the very earliest but it’s likely to be during the summer months.

Come May 2020, the movie will also likely head to HBO Max, the WarnerMedia streaming service. Those with HBO Now directly will automatically get HBO Max, but it’s not clear yet whether it will be part of Amazon Channels.

Either way, you’ll get it on DVD and Blu-ray first. You will also be able to buy it on Amazon Video.

The Good Liar is getting mixed reviews from critics, sitting at 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences are mostly positive, suggesting that this could be a movie for you.

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What are you waiting to come to streaming? What do you think of The Good Liar? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Good Liar is out in theaters now.

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