Will Ready or Not be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Ready or Not is the hottest horror movie of August and a must-see for genre fans. Will it be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Imagine your perfect wedding day. You’ve reached holy matrimony and are ready to begin the rest of your life with your new partner. Except, what if it turns out his family has a tradition of hunting down new brides? That’s the plot of the dynamite new horror movie, Ready or Not.

Samara Weaving stars as Grace, the bride who is at risk of being murdered by her husband’s unorthodox family. The eccentric game of hide-and-seek pits Grace against her new in-laws as they attempt to hunt her before dawn with every weapon known to man. Mark O’Brien, Adam Brody, Andie MacDowell, and Henry Czerny also star in this smart and subversive thriller film.

Will Ready or Not be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video? It’s somewhat challenging to predict where Fox Searchlight productions will go, primarily due to the recent purchase by Disney. However, previous Fox films such as Isle of Dogs, Super Troopers 2, and The Favourite, are all available on HBO or Cinemax.

One notable exception is The Aftermath, which is available on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Epix.

I am guessing Ready or Not will go to HBO. That means you’ll be able to watch it on Amazon Prime with the HBO channel add-on through Amazon Video Channels. There is a possible chance it may go directly to Prime, but The Aftermath was a smaller-scale movie. I have a feeling Ready or Not is more likely to appear on HBO platforms.

As for when it might be available to stream, you’re looking at about an eight-month wait, which would mean the earliest date is April or May of next year.

Whether you’re Ready or Not, here comes the zany trailer for this remarkable horror film:

What did you think of Ready or Not in theaters? What other movies do you hope eventually become available to stream on Amazon Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ready or Not is now playing in theaters nationwide.