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Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /
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Shameless Season 9
Shameless — Photo: Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

4. Shameless

I feel confident in saying that Shameless is Showtime’s most popular series to date. It is the American version of the UK series of the same name.

Headed into its 10th season, with no signs of slowing down (despite losing show star, Emmy Rossum this past year), Shameless revolves around the Gallagher family and their drunken patriarch, Frank Gallagher. Fiona, who is essentially the lead of the show and the true caretaker given Frank’s inability to be reliable or anything resembling a stable father, must look out for her siblings and try to raise them.

Apart from Fiona, the other Gallagher children include Liam, Ian, Debbie, and Lip. Liam is the youngest, Ian is gay, and his crazy relationship with Mickey Milkovich is a fan favorite, Lip is a rebellious teen with a penchant for trouble, and Debbie is the precocious little sister and only other female Gallagher in the house.

And as is par for the course with premium cable series, Shameless has netted its fair share of awards with William H. Macy, who plays Frank, getting the majority of them.

If you haven’t seen Shameless before, it’s a show you should add to your watchlist. It’s a fan favorite for a reason and an addicting binge watch.