15 best DVD and Blu-ray releases in May 2019

GRETA -- Credit: Shane Mahood / Focus Features -- Acquired via Focus Features Press
GRETA -- Credit: Shane Mahood / Focus Features -- Acquired via Focus Features Press /
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Liar — Photo Credit: Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV — Acquired via AMC Press Site /

There are many movies making their way to DVD and Blu-ray in May 2019. Here are the 15 best DVD and Blu-ray releases this month.

There are many DVDs and movies coming in May 2019. Whether you want thriller, comedy, or a hit TV show, you’re covered. It’s time to make sure you get your DVD purchases in order. Here are 15 DVD and Blu-rays to look out for in May 2019.

15. Liar Season 1

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It’s about time this eerily amazing British series was released on DVD. The ITV drama (SundanceTV in the U.S.) saw Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) and Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) show just how difficult it is for a rape victim to gain justice. Froggatt’s Laura has been dealing with a breakup and agrees to a date with the father of a child at the school she teachers. Andrew is an accomplished surgeon and seems like the real deal, so what’s the problem?

Well, after the date, she realizes that she may have been date-raped. Now she needs to prove it, but Andrew is adamant that he didn’t do it. Who is telling the truth?

Liar has been renewed for a second season and will be heading to British TV in fall 2019. With the Liar Season 1 DVD being released on May 7, 2019, you’ll have time to watch it again to remind you of the events of all six episodes before the new season.

14. Greta

If you want a thriller, you may want to give Greta a chance. It all starts with Frances finding a handbag abandoned on a subway. She decides to track down the owner, who happens to be Greta, a widowed piano teacher with a lonely life.

The two befriend each other, with Greta becoming a surrogate mother to Frances. However, it’s soon clear that there’s something more, something sinister. Can Frances save herself?

Greta is on DVD and Blu-ray on May 28, 2019.

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13. What Men Want

Remember the movie What Women Want? Well What Men Want is pretty much the same thing but with a gender swap. Ali Davis works in a male-dominated area of sports management and she’s always on the outside. Suddenly, she finds that things change.

One day, she wakes up with the ability to hear the thoughts of men. This gives her the insider knowledge to boost her career and find success. Is it wrong for her to use it to her advantage?

What Men Want is on DVD and Blu-ray on May 7.