When will Long Shot be on Amazon Prime Video?

Long Shot -- Photo Credit: Hector Alvarez. -- Acquired via epk.tv
Long Shot -- Photo Credit: Hector Alvarez. -- Acquired via epk.tv /

Some movies make it to Amazon Prime Video and Long Shot will be one of them. When will Long Shot be on Amazon Prime Video?

There are certain movies that make their way to Amazon Prime Video. As a Lionsgate movie, Long Shot is one of them — unless things change with Lionsgate taking over STARZ. Now the big question is when Long Shot will be on Amazon Prime Video.

It usually takes about six months for Lionsgate movies to head to the streaming service — unlike Paramount Pictures, which can take a year! — so we should get the American romantic comedy in 2019. Since Long Shot has only just been released in theaters, we’re looking at early November 2019 to start streaming it on Prime Video.

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We’ll get it on Amazon Video to rent or buy sooner. This is usually around three months after the release in theaters, so we’re looking at August 2019 for the release.

Long Shot stars Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan and is one of the 2019 rom-coms you have to see. Rating Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has an odd couple chemistry that simply works. It’s one of those movies you wouldn’t expect to enjoy as much as you will.

On the forefront, the movie is one you’ve heard of before. Boy meets girl; boy falls for girl; girl doesn’t really have any interest in boy. In this case, Rogan is the boy, Fred Flarsky. He’s a free-spirited, although gifted, journalist who gets into trouble a lot.

Theron is the girl, Charlotte Field. She’s one of the world’s most influential women as an accomplished politician. And she doesn’t show too much interest in Fred, especially when the two realize that Charlotte was Fred’s childhood crush and babysitter. However, Charlotte decides to trust Fred to write her speeches when she runs for president.

What could possibly go wrong?

Check out the trailer for Long Shot below.

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What are you waiting for on Amazon Prime Video? What have you thought of Long Shot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You don’t have to wait long for the movie to come to Amazon Prime Video. Look out for it in November 2019.