Book review: Disorganized Crime is a fun read with the Greek mob

Disorganized Crime is a fun book that makes for a great, quick read if you’re looking for something to make you smile.

When I read the synopsis of Disorganized Crime, I knew I was hooked. I’m glad I picked up the book by Alex A. King because it was fun, silly, but serious when it needed to be. King has an interesting way of writing in the first-person, writing as though you’re seeing everything through Kat’s eyes.

Greek food. Greek men. A mystery. Count me in!

Kat is single and at 28, just about ready to move out of her childhood home, but her father is kidnapped, her work building burned down, and her new apartment meeting the same fate. Instead, Kat goes — not of her own free will — to Greece where she meets the side of the family she never knew existed. By the way, they’re the Greek mob.

But not everything is what it seems. They are layers to the family. Those that seem hard and cruel actually turn out to be sweet and full of love. Kat has issues reconciling that because her father told her the story of the Greek boogeyman her whole life, Baboulas.

It turns out, Baboulas is actually her grandmother. Yikes.

Be forewarned though, Disorganized Crime doesn’t actually read like a book. As I was going through it, it felt more like a TV series with smaller plot points that were driven by the overall story. There are some who will be disappointed by the end of the book.

Spoiler alert: Only read the next sentence if you want to be spoiled.

You don’t actually know what happens to Kat’s dad by the end of the first book. While he was kidnapped, this problem doesn’t get resolved until later in the series (not even in book two or three).

While for me that is not a deal breaker because I adore series and sticking with characters for a long time, it is a problem for other readers. They want a contained story within one book and you can’t blame them for that.

This is also why I felt the book read like a TV series. No one does cliffhangers better than TV.

All in all, it was a fun read. It reminded of Stephanie Plum, but a little less messy. Kat is a bit better at taking care of herself than Stephanie. However, there are hunky guys who make Kat’s insides burn, a funny sidekick, and people who are always looking to hurt Kat for no good reason — just like Stephanie.

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