The Predator: DVD and Blu-ray release date

DF-12736_R - The Predator in Twentith Century Fox’s THE PREDATOR. Photo Credit: Kimberley French.
DF-12736_R - The Predator in Twentith Century Fox’s THE PREDATOR. Photo Credit: Kimberley French. /

The latest installment of The Predator will soon be available to take home. But when exactly. When is The Predator DVD and Blu-Ray release date?

If you have been wondering when you are going to be able to take home the latest installment of the deadliest hunter in the galaxy then you have come to the right place. It’s time to have a look at answering the question. When is The Predator DVD and Blu-ray release date?

The good news is not long. Scheduled to be available via Amazon on Dec. 18 on both DVD and Blu-Ray, we are looking at less than two weeks away. Pre-order the movie right now and you’ll get it on sale. It doesn’t matter if the movie goes back up in price thanks to Amazon’s Price Guarantee.

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If that still isn’t soon enough for you, The Predator is already available to buy on Amazon Prime Video. You’ll be able to watch to your heart’s content. If you can wait, the Blu-ray comes with a digital download so you’ll get both copies (and DVD) for the price of one. Again it’s on sale if you want to pre-order at a lower price.

Another movie this year that split opinions. Those who went out to see the movie in theaters found it either amazing or dreadful. Kind of like Marmite if you happen to know what that it is. You either love it or hate it; there is no in between.

It’s a followup to all the previous Predator movies. This time the biggest creature ever seen is on Earth and it’s looking for blood.

In regards to special features that are going to be included in the DVD and Blu-ray, there will most likely be some because there are always special features. What they might be however is not known. There is no listing on Amazon for what special features will be included, but I am sure there will be some. It would be a huge surprise if there wasn’t any.

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Are you planning on ordering The Predator when it becomes available? Do you think there will be some special features? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

The Predator is available on DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 18. Pre-Orders are being taken now.