Christmas Countdown Day #4: Mars Attacks

1/17/97- jack Nicholson with Glenn Close in "MARS ATTACKS"
1/17/97- jack Nicholson with Glenn Close in "MARS ATTACKS" /

If you like goofy, nonsensical comedies about aliens, then Mars Attacks is the movie for you. And luckily it’s now streaming on Prime, and it’s our fourth in our Christmas Countdown.

To countdown our way to Christmas, Amazon Adviser is bringing one movie a day to watch. These are all part of Amazon Prime’s December releases. Day #4 is all about the nonsensical alien comedy, Mars Attacks!

Released in 1996, Mars Attacks was directed by Tim Burton and has a very talented cast of characters. Very much a comedy, it follows several groups of people as they deal with Martians who have invaded the Earth. If this is a movie that has eluded you so far in your life, it’s one you should definitely at least watch once, and as of Dec. 1, you can do so on Prime.

What is Mars Attacks about?

The plot of Mars Attacks kicks off when the President of the United States (played by Jack Nicholson) announces alien spaceships have been seen surrounding the Earth. There is some disagreement on whether or not the aliens come in peace or if they’re there to attack.

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Pierce Brosnan stars as a professor who invents a translator for the Martians, that way the people of Earth will be able to communicate with them. The president arranges for a meet and greet in Nevada, while he watches from home.

The Martians end up attacking the meet and greet, and what follows is chaos. We follow several storylines, including one involving Sarah Jessica Parker as a captured morning talk show host, Natalie Portman as the president’s daughter, and Martin Short as the press secretary.

The movie is what you would expect out of a Tim Burton movie. It is funny, has a lot of practical effects, and has a lot of nonsensical plot points.

Financial, critical and commercial success

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton movies, this is one you should check out, even though it’s a bit of a departure from his other movies like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. It’s still a fun movie and you’ll have a good laugh.

With a budget of $70 million dollars, it could be considered a moderate box office success as it earned $101.4 million. Critics seemed to be in two camps with this movie: they either loved it or hated it.

If you’re a fan of 1950s sci-fi and Tim Burton, this is definitely a movie to check out.

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Have you watched Mars Attacks before? Will it be a movie you check out? Please let us know in the comments below.

Mars Attacks is available on Amazon Prime Video.