Amazon Deals of the Day: Best deals for March 26

GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06: Puma logo. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)
GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06: Puma logo. (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images) /

A look at the 10 best Amazon Deals of the Day on Saturday, March 26

There’s no place where you can do your shopping on the Internet that offers the opportunity to save like Amazon, especially if you make a point to shop the Amazon Deals of the Day. The Amazon Deals of the Day aren’t a couple of dollars off a few products here and there, but offer ridiculous savings on thousands of products on a daily basis.

We have looked through all of these Amazon Deals of the Day for you, though, and found the 10 deals that we believe are the best of the day. For Saturday, March 26, these are the 10 best Amazon Deals of the day.

10. Etekcity Portable Outdoor USB and Solar LED Lantern

List Price: $49
Deal Price: $12.45

Having a good lantern is vital to anyone who likes camping or the outdoors and this one from Etekcity offers solar powered LED lighting while also having outdoor USB ports. For 75 percent off of the list price, this Amazon deal is definitely one to check out.

9. GoPets Retractable Leash

List Price: $69.99
Deal Price: $14.99
Any pet owner has had the trouble of not having a good leash to take your pet on a walk with. Solve that problem with this Amazon Deal as this GoPets Retractable Leash that extends 13 feet for $55 off of the list price.

8. TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit

List Price: $99.99
Deal Price: $19.19

Being safe in an automobile by not fooling with a phone is paramount and having Bluetooth capabilities for both phone calls and music helps tremendously in that regard. Get that capability with the TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit and do so with over $80 in savings with this Amazon deal.

7. 40 Percent or More Off Pebble Time Smartwatches

Smartwatch technology is certainly still developing, but it’s a handy device to have on your wrist so that you aren’t constantly having to pull your phone out. Do so without totally breaking the bank with this Amazon deal as they have a fantastic sale on Pebble Time smartwatches in a variety of styles!

6. TaoTronics LED Strip Lights Kit

List Price: $99.99
Deal Price: $19.99

For holidays or just to spice up certain rooms in the house, decorating with lights is a perfectly feasible way to go about adding a little pizazz. This Amazon deal, with $80 in savings, allows you to do that as the TaoTronics LED Strip Lights Kit offers a variety of options while also being easy to use.

5. Callaway Golf Duffel Bag

List Price: $132
Deal Price: $39.99

This Callaway golf duffel bag is geared towards, well, golfers as it has compartments for gold equipment. However, for the concise traveler, this duffel could be incredibly handy outside of hitting the links and you can’t beat the over $90 in savings with this Amazon deal.

4. Rock Band 4 Guitar Bundle

List Price: $129.99
Deal Price: $69.99

Though the craze from yesteryear may not be going on, playing Rock Band can still be a great way to have fun with friends. Do so at a price that you really can’t beat as Rock Band 4 complete with the guitar controller is $60 off of the list price on Saturday with this Amazon deal.

3. Canon Laser Printer

List Price: $565
Deal Price: $119.99

For work, school, or personal use, printing things is virtually an everyday necessity in life. Make sure your printed material looks the best that it can with the Canon Color imageCLASS laser printer that is over $430 off the list price with this Amazon deal.

2. Puma Athletic Shoes 40 Percent or More Off

Whether it’s for style or for athletic use, Puma is one of the best brand of shoes on the market. Rather than breaking the bank for a new pair, though, Amazon has the hookup on Saturday as select Puma athletic shoes are at least 40 percent off on Amazon.

1. Up to 80 Percent Off Kindle E-Books

If you have an Amazon Kindle, you almost surely like to read. But sometimes the books you are interested in or that are recommended may not be worth the price. That’s not a problem on Saturday as numerous top-rated Kindle e-book titles are up to 80 percent off of their normal price!

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