When will The Winds of Winter by George R.R. Martin be released on Amazon?

SANTA FE, NM - FEBRUARY 23: Writer George R. R. Martin participates in a Q
SANTA FE, NM - FEBRUARY 23: Writer George R. R. Martin participates in a Q /

We look into and predict The Winds of Winter release date.

The Winds of Winter is the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the book series that Game of Thrones is based on, written by George R.R. Martin. 

Over the years, there have been so many rumors and so much chatter about when Game of Thrones, the HBO series, would finally catch up to A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. It appears that time is now.

With Game of Thrones Season 6 premiering on HBO in April, a lot of book readers and GoT fans are curious to know when the next book will be released.

That interest is even stronger because, for the first time, the TV show has moved ahead of the books in some regards. There is some stuff from the books that the show will cover, but for the most part, we are now venturing into uncharted story.

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So, when can book fans expect to see The Winds of Winter hit the shelves and be available on Amazon?

Well, it doesn’t look like any time soon.

Earlier this year, Martin announced The Winds of Winter would not be released before the sixth season of GoT premieres, according to a report from The Telegraph. Martin wrote a short explanation in his “blog.”

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In the post, Martin basically explains that he has made a lot of progress on the book, but it’s not finished yet. Along with that, Martin does not seem to know when it will be finished.

Once the book has been finished by the author, though, there is a fairly long process that usually takes place next.

Depending on the book, it could take up to a year before the book hits the shelves. Obviously, we would imagine the publishers would expedite the production and distribution with The Winds of Winter. Still, we’re looking at three or four months at the earliest.

I don’t think there’s any way we see The Winds of Winter until the very end of 2016 at the earliest. I think Christmas time would be a fantastic time to release the book, but holding off until February or March just before Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres would also be a very smart move, economically speaking.

Obviously, this all depends on Martin and how fast he can write and edit the story, but I think there’s good chance we would see The Winds of Winter available to buy on Amazon within the next year. It seems like that’s where this is trending at this point.

It seems like it is a guarantee that Martin will have the book finished before the seventh season of Game of Thrones premieres in 2017. I’m getting that feeling after reading Martin’s explanation and blog post, but like he says, “It will be done when it’s done.”

Of course, we will keep all you A Song of Ice and Fire fans and Game of Thrones fans updated when we find out more information!

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