50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Red Oaks
Red Oaks /

45. Red Oaks (2015-Present)

1 Season

Created by Joe Gangemi and Gregory Jacobs

Starring Craig Roberts, Ennis Esmer, Jennifer Grey, Gage Golightly, Paul Reiser, Richard Kind

Released on October 9, 2015, Red Oaks is one of the newest Amazon original shows to be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. And, I have to admit, it’s fantastic!

Set in the 1980s, the series follows David (Craig Roberts), a college student working as a tennis pro at the exclusive Red Oaks Country Club in a New Jersey suburb. Over the summer, David tries to find himself, what he wants to do with his life, and explores a new summer fling.

Overall, Red Oaks isn’t going to be Amazon’s next award-winning comedy, but with solid acting performances across the board, great writing, and some hilarious jokes, Red Oaks is one of the best comedies available right now on any network or streaming platform.

Amazon has not announced if their will be a second season of the series; however, I think it would be a mistake to not explore a new season! I’m hooked and I want more Red Oaks.

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