50 Best Comedy TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Daniel Tosh, Acquired From Comedy Central. /

15. Tosh.0

Release Year: 2009

Seasons: 8 (Seasons 4-5 available with subscription)

Creator: Daniel Tosh, Mike Gibbons

Starring: Daniel Tosh

Tosh.0 differs from the majority of comedy series featured on this list, as it isn’t a conventionally scripted sitcom with characters and a narrative. Instead, comedian Daniel Tosh’s eponymous series takes on an identity of its own by breaking down our popular culture.

One thing we can all attest to viewing probably too many of is viral videos. Whether we seek them out on YouTube or they relentlessly pop up on our Facebook timelines, there’s always someone doing something ridiculous and someone behind the camera capturing it for all the internet to like and share.

Enter Tosh.0. The popular Comedy Central staple premiered in 2009, and as the virality of videos and the ridiculousness of culture continued to rise, so did Tosh.0. Daniel Tosh skewers and satirizes everything and anything, from online videos to celebrities with his offensive brand of observational comedy.