50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Upload season 1 – Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios /

7. Upload (2020-Present)

1 season

Created by Greg Daniels

Starring Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Bigley, Owen Daniels, Andrew Rosen, Jordan Johnson-Hinds

When Greg Daniels is involved, you know there’s a gem to watch. That’s especially the case when it’s a series that has been a dream for years. All that was holding anyone back for Upload was the technology. Now that the graphics are in a good place, a series involving a digital afterlife was possible.

There’s a mixture of genres in one with this comedy. You get a murder mystery, a romance, and just a light comedy at times. There’s something for everyone, and characters that you’ll love and hate—I don’t think there is an in between.

We also can’t forget the CGI. The graphics are infused in a way that helps support the story, creating the setting or just helping the characters continue the tale. Whether it involves grounding the digital afterlife or making the world of 2033 look like it could be our world of 2033, the graphics will draw you in.

The series is so good that Amazon renewed it for a second season just a week after the first season dropped. If you’ve not watched it yet, get on it right now.

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