When should Lisa Frankenstein come to DVD and Blu-ray?

Lisa Frankenstein is a great dark comedy romance for Valentine's Day. When can you add it to your DVD collection?

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If you’re looking for a dark comedy romance for Valentine’s Day, look no further than Lisa Frankenstein in theaters right now. Kathryn Newton takes on the titular role, with Cole Sprouse as her love interest.

Lisa is a misunderstood teen. She just wants love and run, and she has a huge crush on a boy. That boy just happens to be a reanimated corpse. There’s nothing strange about that, is there? We can probably just ask some of the other teen girls we’ve seen over the years from American Horror Story and Warm Bodies.

Well, Lisa and her crush head out on a journey of love. It happens to include some murder and dismemberment. Just your typical Friday night date night!

When will Lisa Frankenstein head to DVD and Blu-ray?

As the movie is only just out in theaters, it doesn’t have a DVD release date yet. That’s not too surprising, but we can look at other movies from the same production studio to get an idea as to when to expect it. This movie is a Focus Features one. For this, we’re looking at the 2023 releases Book Club: The Next Chapter and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

It took two months for the Book Club sequel to go to DVD after theaters. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 took a little less time, but not by too much. So, we’re probably looking at two months for Lisa Frankenstein. That suggests, we could see it head to DVD and Blu-ray around Tuesday, April 9.

What about the Digital release. This happened around three weeks after the theatrical releases for both previous movies. So, we’re potentially looking at around Tuesday, Feb. 27 or Tuesday, March 4 for this comedy romance.

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Lisa Frankenstein is only in theaters in time for Valentine’s Day.