When should Bad Boys: Ride or Die come to DVD and Blu-ray?

As much as you are ready to see Bad Boys 4 in theaters, you'll also want to watch it at home. When will Bad Boys: Ride or Die come to DVD and Blu-ray?

After the success of Bad Boys for Life, it’s not surprising to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action. Bad Boys: Ride or Die is now out in theaters.

The movie picks up with the reveal that the boys’ late captain was involved in a cartel. Of course, they know that isn’t the case. Now they need to get to the bottom of the mystery behind who is using their captain’s name like this. It’s time to clear it all.

As Bad Boys 4 is only just out in theaters, it’s not got a DVD release date just yet. That’s okay; we can look at other movies from the same studio to get an idea as to how long this one will take. This gives us a predicted release date.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die DVD release date prediction

This is a Sony Pictures movie, so we’re looking at a couple other recent releases. Madame Web and No Hard Feelings are the picks to work out this DVD release date.

It took just two months for No Hard Feelings to go from theaters to DVD last summer. Earlier this year, Madame Web took around two and a half months. We’re potentially looking at Sony moving back to a 90-day exclusivity window for theaters, which could mean that Bad Boys: Ride or Die takes closer to the two and a half months as a release.

That would put the release at around Tuesday, Aug. 20 or Tuesday, Aug. 27.

The Digital release is a little harder to predict. Despite the longer wait for the DVD release, Madame Web only took a month to hit Digital retailers. This could be because it’s part of the Marvel universe as well, although not part of the MCU or created by Disney. No Hard Feelings took just short of two months to head to Digital. We could be looking at having to wait until around Tuesday, Aug. 6 but it could be as early as Tuesday, July 9.

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