What is The Other Zoey on Prime Video about?

The Other Zoey is coming to Prime Video this week, and it's a great rom-com for teenagers and young adults. What is the movie about?
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The time is almost here for The Other Zoey on Prime Video. Starring Josephine Langford, this is a movie for those who love rom-coms with heart and a meaning.

Before you get into any sort of movie, you’ll want to know what is about. Is this going to be something for you, or will it work for the teenagers one night?

Just a warning, this is a PG-13 movie. It does have some language and sexually suggestive material within it, but there’s no full nudity or harsh swearing. It’s a typical teenager rom-com, such as A Christmas Prince or Warm Bodies.

The movie is full of YA rom-com tropes. The biggest one is the use of amnesia.

The Other Zoey synopsis

We start off getting to know Zoey Miller, a college student who wants to push the boundaries on love lives and dating. She’s just not interested in any of that. Zoey’s focus is on school and studies.

That is until a freak occurrence leads to her being the girlfriend of an athlete at the school. Zach believes that this Zoey is his Zoey. Only it turns out that there is another Zoey out there, and she’s his real girlfriend.

Zoey tells him this and that’s the movie over, right? Well, no. That would end the movie way too early. We need drama and comedy, so it means Zoey pretends to be the girlfriend, putting her thoughts about relationships to the test.

As she gets to know Zach, she also gets to know his family. That includes his cousin Miles, who she has a deeper connection with. Of course, she ends up torn between these two guys, and everyone is confused when the real Zoey turns up to confront this Zoey about her actions.

What happens in the end of The Other Zoey? Well, that’s something to watch to find out.

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The Other Zoey is on Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 19.