What is Stuff Your Kindle Day? (How to get free eBooks)

Today marks the first Stuff Your Kindle Day of 2024. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to get your free eBooks.
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If you love eBooks, you’ll want to pay attention to Stuff Your Kindle Day. This event is a yearly thing, and it happens at least four times a year.

Today, Thursday, Jan. 25, marks the first of those days of 2024 and it’s for all those looking for murder mysteries. There is supposedly another one coming up on Saturday, Jan. 27 for all those looking for witchy books.

Other dates haven’t been announced yet. So, if those types of books don’t interest you, don’t worry. There are more to come. What if the books are of interest? You need to make sure you click the right button to add the books to your Kindle for free forever.

What is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

Stuff Your Kindle Day is as it sounds. You can add multiple eBooks to your Kindle for absolutely nothing. This isn’t about getting them through Kindle Unlimited, which are removed from time to time. You’ll get to “buy” the books for absolutely nothing.

You will need an Amazon account and the Kindle app to be able to take advantage of this day. However, you don’t need a Kindle. You can get the Kindle app on tablets, phones, other e-readers, and more. As long as you have that app, you’re good to go!

Which books are available on Stuff Your Kindle Day?

Not everything is free to buy on this day. For today, Thursday, Jan. 25, you can get a great selection of murder mystery books. The full list is available here.

This is a one-day event. You either get your books today or you miss out.

Make sure you “buy” the free books

When you click on the book available, you’ll usually see that there is a button to get the book via Kindle Unlimited. Don’t click this button. Well, you can, but you won’t get to keep the book. It’s only available for as long as it’s part of Kindle Unlimited and for as long as you have your Amazon Prime account.

Instead, you want to scroll just a little bit further. It’s a smaller section, but you’ll see “Buy for Free.” This is the one that makes it clear that the book is available as part of the special day. Click that button and it will be added to your Kindle.

When you buy the book, you don’t need to keep your Amazon Prime account to keep reading. It’s yours on your Kindle to pick up and put down whenever you want. And you can fill your Kindle up during the day.

This is only on Kindle. There isn’t an option for Audible just yet.

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