What is Red Queen on Prime Video about?

Red Queen is coming to Prime Video this week. What is the crime thriller about?
Hovik Keuchkerian, Vicky Luengo
Hovik Keuchkerian, Vicky Luengo /

I know when you look at the title Red Queen, many will think of the YA fantasy book series by Victoria Aveyard. This series on Prime Video isn’t an adaptation of that, but it’s something for the thriller fans out there to watch.

The series is a Spanish-language series. Titled Reina Roja, it follows a woman who lost everything despite being the smartest person alive. She has a chance to redeem herself in this seven-part series,

What is Red Queen about?

The series follows Antonia, a woman who has the highest IQ in the world. You would think that it would bring her everything she needs. Instead, she has lost everything. She does have the opportunity to get it all back, though.

When the wealthiest man in Spain needs to find his abducted daughter and the son of a powerful tycoon is murdered, the Madrid police need to put together a team. That brings us to Antonia, who was once known as the “Red Queen” in an important trial project with the police. She is needed to help figure out the clues in the new case.

It turns into a cat-and-mouse tale. If you loved the likes of The Fall, this is a series that’s more than worth checking out.

Is Red Queen based on a book?

While it is not based on the book you would think it is, the series is based on a book. It is based on Juan Gómez-Jurado’s first book in a trilogy that brings us characters with colors in their aliases.

The series is one of those addictive thrillers. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.

So far, only the first book has been picked up for adaptation. We’ll have to see how this season performs to see if Prime Video will pick up more.

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Red Queen is on Prime Video on Thursday, Feb. 29.