Ward D by Frieda McFadden review: Not the twist at the end that I expected

You always know Frieda McFadden will throw in a twist at the end of her novel. Ward D didn't have the twist I expected.
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I always try to guess the way a book is going to end. A lot of the times, I’m right. When it came to Ward D by Frieda McFadden, I was completely off. And I loved being wrong.

If you love psychological thrillers where you don’t know who to trust, this is the story for you. It follows medical student Amy Brenner, who is likable although a little whiny at times. That’s okay; I like flaws in my main characters.

The entire book takes place over one night. Amy goes into Ward D, the psychiatric ward in the hospital. Will she make it out alive?

What is Ward D by Frieda McFadden about?

We follow Amy on her single night on the psychiatric ward. She has to do this as part of her rotations to get her medical license, but she knows that psychiatry isn’t for her. One thing she is not looking forward to is spending the night in this place.

It’s even worse when she finds out her ex-boyfriend traded places with someone else to do the night with her. Now she has to deal with him, the fact that her former best friend is one of the patients, and a lot of people saying how dangerous one of the other patients is. The problem is can you really trust people who have been in the psychiatric ward for some time and are constantly on medication?

That’s what Amy has to figure out. She needs to help the patients while figuring out what’s going on. When people start to go missing, she’s even more concerned about just how safe she is.

Ward D book review

I’m sure you’ll be able to guess where my mind went when it came to figuring out the twist to the book. I’ve read a lot of psychological thrillers, and I’m used to the main character not being reliable. I’m used to finding out that sometimes the events that happen are inside their heads.

Ward D does have you wondering for a while. However, there are little clues that tell you just what is going on. It’s worth paying close attention to what the patients are saying, and just how people are reacting around Amy.

One of the things you’ve got to do with any McFadden book is to not take the storylines all too seriously. Even when you read The Housemaid, do you really think the plot is believable? There are so many things that just probably wouldn’t happen, and that’s the case with Ward D. Once you stop expecting it to be real, you’ll enjoy the twists the way they’re meant to be.

Stars: 4 out of 5

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Ward D by Frieda McFadden is available on Amazon.