V'd-up chickens and sheep explained in The Boys

Since the trailer for The Boys Season 4, we've been waiting for the V'd up chickens and sheep. Well, we finally have the answers. Here's how they were created.
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The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

In a world of animal testing, we shouldn’t be surprised to see V’d-up chickens and sheep in The Boys. It was rather a “duh moment” when it came to the chickens and sheep attacking our favorite vigilantes.

Caution: This post contains spoilers for The Boys Season 4, Episode 5

No, this was not a case of Homelander thinking he’d found a new way to torture people or trap his foes. It turns out that the chickens and sheep ended up becoming accidental test subjects. This episode made it clear how lab experiments tend to go completely wrong.

We finally met Zoe’s dad in The Boys

When Butcher told the gang about the virus, they all finally decided that they needed to go after it. Of course this did. Even though this virus could kill Kimiko and Annie, they needed it in their hands and not in Neuman’s.

That meant a trip to prison to see Stan. They would offer him a presidential pardon and full custody of Zoe if they would help them find where Neuman was holding onto the virus. Stan wasn’t going to help until he realized that Neuman had turned Zoe into a Supe. That crossed the line for him.

Of course, Neuman wasn’t going to give it up easily. It turned out that she has passed it onto a guy called Samir. Well, this Samir is more than just a tester of viruses. He is Zoe’s father, and Neuman and Samir are clearly very much in love. Stan is not a stan.

Experiments gone wrong in The Boys

As you would expect, the experiments went wrong. Samir explained that he and his team were testing V and the virus on a hamster. The hamster got loose and the V was knocked over and went into the water supply.

This led to the chickens, sheep, and any other animal around drinking the water and gaining super powers. Great!

I would still to know what Frenchie meant by “again.” That was never explained, and it leaves for a funny moment as Kimiko tries to figure out what Frenchie is on about. This is Frenchie, though. We could believe that he was high one night and thought V’d up barn animals were attacking.

Getting rid of the animals with the virus

To make matters worse, there was only one dose of the virus left. Now they could all run for it and get the virus to a lab to replicate it, or they could use the virus to get rid of the animals. Mother’s Milk made it clear that he wasn’t risking lives. The virus wasn’t worth that, so he decided that they would put the virus in a dead body. The only way to transmit the virus was through bodily fluids, and the animals could eat the human with the virus—not what Frenchie thought of!

It worked. The animals died from the virus and everyone was able to get away. Well, everyone but Samir. It looked like he ended up being a casualty in the fight.

We found out at the end that he wasn’t. Butcher had chopped his leg off and tied him up so Samir can make another virus. The game is still on.

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