5 TV shows on Prime Video to watch instead of the Oscars 2024

The Oscars are here again, but that doesn't mean you want to watch them. Here are five TV shows to watch on Prime Video instead.
Downton Abbey -- Courtesy of BritBox
Downton Abbey -- Courtesy of BritBox /
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Judy Justice

This series is actually a Freevee Original, but you’ll be able to see it on Prime Video. It’s perfect for fans of the original Judge Judy series. It’s the same judge but a new set of cases that she resides over.

This series arguably actually needs no introduction. Judy Sheindlin listens to the various complaints of people in her courtroom. She takes in the evidence, makes sure everyone acts responsibly, and makes her final decisions. And when she makes a decision, that’s it. There is no turning back on that one.


Finally, it’s time to catch up on Invincible. There are 12 episodes to get through right now, making tonight the perfect time for them. After all, the next four episodes begin at the end of this week.

Invincible isn’t for the kids, though. This is an adult animation series due to all the violence and the gore. It follows a teenage superhero who is only just coming into his powers and figuring out how to control them. It turns out that his father has been holding a dark secret, something which he is still trying to come to terms with.

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