5 TV shows on Prime Video to watch instead of the Oscars 2024

The Oscars are here again, but that doesn't mean you want to watch them. Here are five TV shows to watch on Prime Video instead.
Downton Abbey -- Courtesy of BritBox
Downton Abbey -- Courtesy of BritBox /
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Downton Abbey is one series to check out on Prime Video tonight

It’s Oscar night. This is time for actors, movies, and directors to be honored for their efforts. That doesn’t mean you’re interested, though, and Prime Video has you covered with plenty to watch.

We’re looking at the TV shows to check out. You may only have time to watch a few episodes, but this is an excellent chance to find something new to binge-watch. There are also shows where you can end up just watching one or two episodes, making them the perfect option for one night of entertainment.

Whether you need a period drama, an animated series, or something in between, Prime Video has you covered.

Downton Abbey

We’ll start with a period drama. There are actually a fair few period dramas on Prime Video, and Downton Abbey is certainly a favorite for many. This is one that brings us relationship drama, class issues, and general life drama through the ages.

It starts in 1912, just after the sinking of the Titanic. The passing of Downton Abbey comes into question due to the current lord only having daughters. And so we get lessons in how the English class system worked in the past (and still does in some cases), the problems of scandals affecting a society’s view of a family, and the idea of expectation and love.