THEM: The Scare is the biggest of the releases on Prime Video this week

THEM: The Scare finally comes to Prime Video, three years after the first season of the series. Here's a look at the entire list of releases this week.
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Another week is here, and that means there’s more content to come on Prime Video. What can you stream new from April 22 to April 28, 2024?

This is another quiet week in terms of new content arriving. That’s not surprising as we get closer to the first-of-the-month drop next week. On top of that, there is still plenty of content from earlier this month to watch (or rewatch, because we know you’re like us and ready for a Fallout rewatch).

The main focus this week is on a highly anticipated second season of an anthology horror. Let’s take a look.

THEM: The Scare and more

Let’s start with the series that we can’t wait to see. THEM: The Scare is the highly anticipated sequel to the horror anthology that arrived three years ago! This was one of those shows that we didn’t get many updates about, which made it hard to tell when it would be released.

It was only in recent months that we even learned what the storyline would be. Set in Los Angeles, the second season jumps head a few decades from the first season. LAPD detective Dawn Reeve, played by Deborah Ayorinde, is tasked with solving a gruesome crime. It’s 1991, and there are still a lot of tensions in the city.

Of course, this isn’t just about the horrors of everyday people and neighbors. There is something sinister going on, and Dawn’s family is at risk. What happens when your home isn’t as safe as you would like it to be?

The 2015 James Bond movie Spectre is also on Prime Video this week. James Bond heads to Mexico City and Rome when he gets a cryptic message. While there, he meets the widow of an infamous criminal, infiltrates a secret meeting, and undercovers the existence of a dangerous organization.

It’s time for Bond to take on the dangerous tasks at hand to protect the world. It’s also time for him to learn more about his past and just how he and his enemy are connected.

Everything coming to Prime Video this week

All the Amazon Originals are denoted with the asterisks.

April 22


Spectre (2015)

April 25


THEM: The Scare (2024)

April 26


*NWSL (2024)

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