THEM: The Scare is dropping as a binge-watch (How many episodes are in the season?)

While Amazon releases a lot of content on a weekly basis, that's not the case for THEM: The Scare. Here's all you need to know about this release schedule.
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn)
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn) /

There is some great news when it comes to THEM: The Scare. The second season of the horror anthology is dropping as a binge-watch.

We’ve become used to the weekly releases. Amazon has moved to releasing content with a bulk drop for part of the season and then a weekly release after that. This is especially the case for the big-budget shows.

However, now and then, we still get a traditional binge-watch release. THEM Season 2 is one of those shows that’s getting the traditional streaming release schedule. All episodes will be available on Thursday, April 25.

How many episodes are in THEM: The Scare?

With the show dropping in full, you need to know how many episodes there are. This tells you how long you need to spend during the weekend to get through the season.

There are eight episodes in THEM: The Scare. Each episode is around 40 minutes long, so you’ll get through all the episodes in less than eight hours.

The story is a little more self-contained than the first season. While there is a side story going on, a lot of focus is on Dawn Reeve getting to the bottom of the murders that are haunting people of color in Los Angeles County, and the supernatural element to those murders.

Binge-watch releases rely on you binge-watching them immediately

There is a downside to the binge-watch release. To encourage Amazon to renew the show, fans need to watch the binge-watch releases right away. If you want more from THEM, you’ll need to watch THEM: The Scare in full within the first weekend of the release. While views afterward are counted and considered, the first weekend is the major time period that streaming platforms look at.

This can put a lot of pressure on the viewers. Not everyone has a full weekend to spend watching a show. This is why I’m a bigger fan of the weekly releases to help shows succeed.

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THEM: The Scare is available to stream in full on Thursday, April 25 on Prime Video.