Them and 4 other horror shows to watch instead of American Horror Story: Delicate

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 has just premiered. Looking for other horror shows to sink your teeth into? Them is just one of them to check out right now.
Them: The Covenant -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Them: The Covenant -- Courtesy of Prime Video /
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Another Prime Video entry is Lore. There are two seasons available to watch, and each episode is a different story. You can watch them completely out of order.

The two seasons are based on Aaron Mahnke’s podcast of the same name. In the first season, we keep the narration from the podcast, getting into the stories of Elizabeth Bathory and Burke and Hare, for example. The second season takes a twist and makes the show a little more broadcast-like. It loses the narration, which is what made the show so special to the podcast listeners in the first place.

One you have finished watching the show, turn to the podcast for more chilling tales.

The Horror of Dolores Roach

If you want something a little funnier rather than a straight up horror series, you’ll want to turn to The Horror of Dolores Roach. Sadly, it was canceled after one wonderful season by Amazon, but that one season is more than worth a binge.

This is a gender-swap of the Sweeney Todd story. Dolores is fresh out of prison and looking for a way to make a living and find a place to live. She runs into someone from her past who runs an enchilada place. He offers her the basement to live in and then finds out how great she is when it comes to massages.

So, Dolores ends up opening up her own massage place. That’s great until she ends up with her first dead body. Just what is actually going into those enchiladas that makes them taste so good?