The Boys Season 4 sees flying sheep, deadly chickens, and more

One thing we know about The Boys is that we should expect crazy. That's exactly what we're getting with The Boys Season 4 based on the trailer.
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

The Boys Season 4 trailer is out, and it’s just as absurd and crazy as we expected it to be. This series is not slowing down, and we’re here for it.

The trailer followed the release of two more posters for the season. One of those included goats—okay, they were sheep but they made me think of the GOAT of The Boys—with one of them flying. We know these types of details mean something, and the trailer has shown us what it means.

Yes, sheep are flying…Bloody sheep are flying. Are they supersheep? Are they being thrown by a Supe? This is just something we can’t tell at this point, although with the mention of "V'd up chickens," I'd go with V'd up sheep as well.

Frenchie has a history with chickens in The Boys Season 4

Sheep aren’t the only animals causing a problem. Chickens are, as well. This is where things get interesting. In the trailer, Frenchie says “I can’t believe this is happening to me again,” while he shoots at the sheep. Erm, excuse me?

We should have known that Frenchie would have some sort of weird story involving chickens. Now we’re hear to find out what that story is, and it looks like Kimiko is interested as well.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes an appearance

We still have zero idea about who Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing in The Boys Season 4. All we found out from the teaser trailer is that he’s someone Butcher knows. It looked like this guy is also against Supes. Now the trailer confirms that stance.

Morgan’s character tells Butcher that he is needed. It wouldn’t be surprising if Butcher was thinking of packing it all in. Ryan has chosen Homelander, Becca is gone, and he is dying. What does he have to live for right now? Well, Morgan’s character wants him to fight, mentioning the Supes rounding them all off and sending them to camps.

Well, with the way Homelander is rallying the white nationalists, the Holocaust happening again is certainly a threat. Will there be enough people to fight back? Can Butcher and co. find a way to bring down Homelander?

Homelander wants the Supes to be Gods in The Boys

The problem is Homelander is rallying the Supes together. He wants them to stop being celebrities. It’s time for them to become gods. That’s not surprising with the way he views himself and just how indestructible some of them are. With Soldier Boy currently on ice, there’s nothing to take away their powers.

There is hope for the everyday people, though. At the end of Gen V, Butcher learned about the virus that kills Supes. It’s time for him to share that with The Boys. They’ll need to work together to get the virus and use it against the Supes they want to kill. However, they have two Supes on their side. How is this virus passed on? That’s something that needs to be discussed.

Take a look at the trailer, showing the Gen V cameos, Homelander on Ice, and more:

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The Boys Season 4 premieres on Thursday, June 13 on Prime Video.